Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma is a thickening of the tissue that surrounds the intermetatarsal nerve leading to the toes.

Understanding the Condition

When the nerve becomes squeezed and irritated, it causes painful symptoms. Neuroma patients occasionally complain of a "pins and needles" sensation that spreads through their fourth and fifth toes, or of a feeling akin to hitting their "funny bone".

Treatments and Advice

A neuroma can occur in response to the irritation of a nerve by one or more factors:

  • Abnormal foot function or foot mechanics: primarily excessive pronation that causes strain on the nerve.

  • Improper footwear: constricting, narrow, poor-fitting shoes with a tight or pointed toe box tend to compress the end of the foot, leading to excessive pressure in the area of the nerve. High-heeled shoes are a particular culprit here.

  • Previous trauma to the foot: Those who engage in high-impact activities that bring repetitive trauma to the foot (running, aerobics, etc.) have a greater chance of developing a neuroma.

  • This may be relieved by use of Morton’s pads and wider fitting footwear.


This can be a debilitating and painful condition. Consider a consultation with us to help decide if your problem has been caused by poor biomechanics, or injury or trauma to the nerves.

We will assess whether prescription orthotics will be suitable for you or, if we need to consider other treatments such as injection therapy or cryosurgery, as examples of different treatment options available.

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