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"I have suffered from arthritic pain in my knee and foot for several years.   Regrettably the NHS route was not helping me at all and my condition was worsening.   In desperation I started looking for alternative ways of treatment. I was fortunate to find Biomechanix.  After my first consultation with Mr. Ali I was pain free and could walk without limping.

Cannot speak highly enough of the treatment and its results!" J.Lindon

"I suffered with persistent knee pain from walking for 10 years, but the Biomechanix chaps got me fixed!"  - M. Cunningham

"My feet were extremely painful for months, with nerve damage from running, but Prolotherapy and orthotics got me back to it. Highly recommend these guys."  - S. Seeley

"I was dreading the thought of knee replacement surgery, fortunately I found Prolotherapy, still have my own knees and am pain free. Can't recommend it enough."  - J. Lightfoot

“I had crippling arthritis pain in my big toe joint, I am still amazed how a few treatments have kept me away from surgery, and living an active pain free life”. - B.George

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