Iliotibial Band

The iliotibial band which is a thick extension of the tensor fascia latae muscle slides over the lateral epicondyle. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is an inflammatory reaction at the side where this sliding occurs.

Understanding the Condition

If the foot over-pronates, this is accompanied by internal rotation of the entire lower limb, producing a constant friction between the band and the bony prominence of the femur. It is therefore very common among runners especially if they run on a banked track or downhill.

Treatments and Advice

  • Stretch the IT band.
  • Icing over the inflamed area.
  • Using a roller to help stretch and massage the ITB.


If symptoms persist, consider a consultation with us, a full biomechanical assessment will be required to help decide if you need prescription orthotics, physical therapies, or in some cases injection based or acupuncture treatments.

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