Heel Spur

Heel Spur is caused by the pulling and stretching of the heel bone area of the foot

Understanding the Condition

Abnormal pronation and flattening or stretching of the muscles or fascia in the arch. This can cause abnormal forces and pulling on the heel bone, causing a heel spur. Many heel spurs are non-symptomatic and can exist without causing pain. Unfortunately sometimes the heel spur can cause irritation and inflammation of the structures around the spur. This can cause considerable pain and swelling in the heel region.

Treatments and Advice

  • Try softer heel shoes (trainers).
  • Choose an off the shelf device from our Orthotics / Sandals page.
  • Rest, Ice and Elevate.


If symptoms persist, contact us for a consultation to see if orthotics or a possible injection will help ease or reduce your symptoms, in most cases we expect a full and speedy recovery.

Recommended product(s) for this condition from our over the counter range.

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