Hammer Toes

Understanding the Condition

Abnormal pronation, can contribute to interossei, and lumbrical muscle weakening in the foot, with loss of both the medial and transverse metatarsal arch, this can be a common cause of hammer toes due to faulty foot mechanics, the toes try to work harder. Custom orthotics can be designed to help realign your feet, and help rehabilitate the weakened muscles in the forefoot. Combined with an exercise programme or manipulation of the toes, there can be substantial improvements in both pain and digital deformities.

Treatments and Advice

  • Properly fitting footwear.
  • Lace up or straps to help stabilise your foot.
  • Metatarsal dome, or toe gripper pads.


If your problem persists, consider consulting one of our specialists who will examine your feet to discover the cause of your pain or deformity. A custom treatment plan including orthotics, manipulation and physical therapies can be very useful to correct toe alignment.

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