Hallux Valgus

Hallux Valgus is often caused by abnormal or excessive pronation of the foot

Understanding the Condition

Abnormal or excessive pronation of the foot can cause the metatarsals to misalign and over rotate. The big toe angles inwards towards the lesser toes, often causing a large bony prominence on the inside of the big toe joint (bunions). There may be a familial or hereditary cause. Custom orthotics can help to realign the bones in your feet, reducing pain and deformity in the foot.

Treatments and Advice

  • Wider fitting footwear.
  • Over the counter insoles from our products range.
  • Hallux Valgus night splints.
  • Stretching the intermetatarsal ligament.
  • Joint and soft tissue injections can help reduce pain and inflammation.


If your pain or deformity persists, surgery maybe an option. Consider consulting our clinicians with many years of experience in non-surgical treatments, sometimes anti inflammatory injections can reduce your pain and help increase your mobility, otherwise custom orthotics are strongly recommended.

Recommended products for this condition.

We would recommend the following product(s) from our over the counter range.

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