Hallux Rigidus

A common condition causing pain in the big toe joint

Understanding the Condition

Hallux Rigidus is caused by degenerative changes to the knuckle joint of the big toe, which normally needs to bend upwards by a minimum 65 degrees for normal walking.

Custom orthotics can reduce excessive pronation, found in many people suffering this debilitating condition, by improving foot posture and alignment to improve joint function and help improve the way you walk.

Treatments and Advice

  • Possibly try rocker bottom footwear.
  • Stiffer soled shoes.
  • Choose an over the counter orthotic from our range.


If your pain or problem persists, consider booking an appointment for initial consultation, as well as custom orthotics, this condition can also be eased by various minimally painful injection therapies, and joint mobilisation or manipulation. Our clinicians will give you the best recommendations dependant on your individual needs.

Recommended product(s) for this condition from our over the counter range.

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