Diabetic Foot

Diabetes can affect the body in so many ways, and one very important way is the feet.

Understanding the Condition

One of the less known but serious factors of Diabetes is that it can cause a condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy, this is where the blood supply to your feet can become reduced and that can cause a loss of feeling and affect blood  circulation to the feet. The implication of this is that foot injuries will not heal well. And you may not notice if your foot has become sore or if it is injured.

Treatments and Advice

  • Choose footwear that fits you comfortably well and does not squeeze or rub your feet. Tight and badly fitting shoes can cause a number of problems including corns, callouses, ulcers and nail problems.
  • Ensure your feet are clean and free from infection.
  • Always cut or file your toenails regularly, it may help to get advice from your podiatrist on how to do this initially.
  • Get corns or hard skin treated by a podiatrist.
  • It is very important that you should seek advice and/or treatment from your GP or podiatrist if any foot injuries or conditions do not heal quickly.


At the Biomechanix Foot and Knee Clinic we can scan your foot using a GaitScan, to assess your foot and how it may have become affected by Diabetes.

Following a scan we can send a full report to your clinician or GP.

A GaitScan will also enable us to advise you on specialist prescription or other orthotics that will be of benefit to you.

All our Diabetic Foot care is handled personally by our specialist in this field, Mr Somuz Miah Consultant Podiatrist Prescriber. Please feel free to call him directly on 01926 679155 for all enquiries or to book an appointment.

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