Ankle Equinus

Ankle Equinus is a condition where the upward bending of the ankle can become limited.

Understanding the Condition

Restriction at the ankle joint, or tightness in the posterior leg muscles can cause an equinus, limiting the amount of bend, or upward movement at the ankle, this can affect normal foot function, specific prescription orthotics can better utilise the available ankle movements by changing the tibial bone angle therefore compensating for increasing stresses in the ankle and midfoot areas.

Treatments and Advice

  • Try footwear with a slightly higher heel.
  • Regular calf stretches.
  • Heel lifts
  • Physical therapy.


If your walking pattern is affected, or pain in the foot/ankle is persistant, an examination from one of our highly skilled podiatrist’s is recommended, to see if our range of bespoke prescription orthotics can help you.

Recommended product(s) for this condition from our over the counter range.

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