Knee Pain

Understanding the Condition

Abnormal pronation or supination of the foot can contribute to increasing valgus and various stresses on the knee, and misalignment of the patellofemoral joint, causing rubbing and irritation of the cartilage and ligaments around the knee. Sometimes audible clicks and grinding noises can be heard, these joint noises known as crepitus, can be painful or not at all

Prescription orthotics can help improve the biomechanics and alignment of the knees, reducing excessive forces and stresses around the joints.

Treatments and Advice

  • Try icing the knees.
  • Physical therapy exercises.
  • Rest.
  • Anti inflammatories.


If your knee pain symptoms persist, contact us for a consultation to assess your biomechanics, and decide if you need prescription orthotics for your condition. Sometimes we need to consider other treatments, such as synovial fluid replacement, in arthritic knees with viscosupplementation, or physical therapy or manipulation to improve knee function and strengthen the muscles around the kneesl.

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