Heel Pain

Heel Pain Info

A most common debilitating condition. More common in the over 50’s, younger people can also suffer. There can be many causes such as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, sometimes even referred pain from the lower back.

Our experts can help identify the exact cause of your problem, and then determine the fastest way to resolve your pain.

With our on sight diagnostic ultrasound facilities, we can quickly identify many bone and soft tissue abnormalities. Often, further investigations such as X-ray or MRI are not needed, due to the detail images that can be obtained with modern ultrasound.

In many cases treatment can be initiated immediately. 

A personal consultation with our Specialist Podiatrist at Biomechanix   £150

If you choose to book a consultation with our Specialist Podiatrist. you can expect.

  • A thorough medical history
  • A biomechanical examination
  • A diagnostic ultrasound scan
  • A tailored treatment plan

Call 01926 679155 now or book a Consultation with Mr Ali online.

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