Prescription Orthotics

At the Biomechanix Foot & Knee Clinic we work closely with The Orthotic Group and LBG Medical  and we are ideally placed to advise and supply from their extensive range of Prescription Custom Orthotics.

Prescription Orthotics from The Orthotics Group

Custom made orthotics which are individually tailored by your healthcare professional; according to your exact prescription and requirements. As such these orthotics sympathetically adhere to each patients individual and lifestyle needs.


Vacuum Formed Custom Orthotics from LBG Medical

Vacuum Formed Custom Orthotics

Vacuum Formed Custom Orthotics

Direct Milled Custom Orthotics from LBG Medical

Direct Milled Custom orthotics.

Direct Milled Custom Orthotics

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Product Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident in our products, and we're sure that you will benefit from them immensely.

If your condition has not improved with our our products please get in touch with us directly and we will arrange a 15% discount on a personal consultation to help diagnose your individual problem.

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