Action Reliever - Knee Brace

Biomechanix Clinic is pleased to now offer the Action Reliever knee brace at the clinic.

Action Reliever - Knee Brace - from Thuasne

The Action Reliever osteoarthritis knee brace is made by Thuasne, one of the leading suppliers of innovative medical devices for over 170 years. For over 25 years Thuasne have worked with the NHS and now we are working with them to bring the Action Reliever knee brace to our patients.

The clinically proven ActionReliever osteoarthritis knee brace is designed for both medial and lateral osteoarthritis and its anatomically shaped straps are self-oriented and adjustable.

An important feature of the Action Reliever osteoarthritis knee brace is its design, which is purposely slim and discreetly and can be comfortably and discreetly under clothing all day.

What is Knee Osteoarthritis?

Cartilage, which covers the extremities of the femur, tibia and kneecap bones, is a living tissue which must remain "smooth" and "flexible" to allow it to fulfil its functions: facilitating sliding of the joint and as a shock absorber. Cartilage also prevents bones from coming into contact with one another.

With age, cartilage progressively loses its ability to retain water, its flexibility and wears thin.

When the cartilage is exposed to excess pressure it will become damaged. This will gradually lead to it disappearing in some areas revealing the underlying bone.

This can become extremely painful when moving the knee and impedes day-to-day activities significantly, impairing quality of life.

Action Reliever 3-Point Pressure System

An off-loading brace is simply used to apply corrective forces on the leg in order to reduce the load of the compartment affected by osteoarthritis, also referred to as 3-point pressure.

By helping hold the leg in a normal alignment and maintaining a homogeneous load on the knee joint as a whole, the Action Reliever knee brace helps to reduce compression and inflammation. This load reduction will generally help to relieve pain.

A key feature of the ActionReliever is that it utilises straps to create a dynamic three-point pressure system that is clinically proven to reduce osteoarthritis pain in the knee joints.

For more information download our Action Reliever brochure here

Keep moving!

The pain caused by knee osteoarthritis can lead to you reducing your level of physical activity such as walking, playing sports etc and can even lead to you avoiding certain everyday tasks such as walking upstairs, housework etc.

Unfortunately, this lack of movement not only diminishes physical fitness, such as muscle strength and stamina, but also flexibility and weight control. All of this results in an increase in pain and stiffness!

In order to break this vicious cycle and increase your wellbeing you should resume physical activity and suitable exercises.

We are now taking bookings for assessment and fittings for the Action Reliever knee brace. Contact us for more information.

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