Online Consultations

Tried & Trusted Technology

We have been successfully using online consultations for years, as we have many patients from all over the UK and abroad who cannot always attend the clinic for various reasons.

Online Consultation - All Clinicians from £50

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Safe at Home

From the comfort of your own home we can we can dial in via a video link and assess your problem through careful questioning and assessment of your medical history.

Often we are also able to do a visual examination.

If we deem your need does require a clinic visit, you will be invited to attend at your discretion if urgent treatment is necessary.

If this is the case, please be assured full decontamination and personal protective equipment will be available for the clinicians use.

You will also be offered personal protective equipment, and be required to follow our in house decontamination measures.

Assessment - Advise - Recommend-Treatment

If necessary we can provide:

  • Appropriate medications
  • Rehabilitation programme
  • Self - treatment pathway
  • Physiotherapy advice
  • Referral for investigations Xray / MRI /Ultrasound / Blood tests
  • Strapping/Taping advice
  • Non – Bespoke Orthotics
  • Braces/Splints
  • Supports
  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Referrals to other medical professionals/ your Gp

We will tailor a special programme for your needs as appropriate

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