Edser 3D Orthotics

In Biomechanix We Have The Solution

At our clinic, we can formulate an accurate biomechanical prescription. Although an over the counter device can give arch support, a custom made orthotic will restore balance and improve the function of the feet.

At Biomechanix we now offer Edser 3D Orthotics and are always at the forefront in making their latest and leading technologies and products available to our patients..

  • These are custom orthotics designed and fabricated exclusively for you based on the latest technology using WikyScan, which can take  highly accurate 3D scans of the foot with precision measurements which are used to produce perfectly fitting bespoke custom orthotics each time
  • Orthotics can also be measured and produced using Prescription and Foot Cast.
  • Your custom made orthotic treatment is aimed at improving foot function to alleviate your condition, increase comfort and optimize performance in athletics and everyday activities.

Your custom made orthotic will be assessed and measured by us utilising Edser precision instruments.


  • WikyScan offers quicker, accurate and easy scanning options for podiatrists.
  • Using the True Depth sensor on iPhones and iPads Pro WikyScan can create high precision 3D digital models.
  • With the dedicated WikyScan App, data is transmitted to WikyScan’s online platform and the EDSER Web APP, where the user can complete the prescription and place orders.

New 3D Printing in TPU

  • Edser’s newest product offers adjustable densities for orthotic 3D Printing.
  • This provides 100% customisation for our patient's treatments.

IScan 3d

  • Using the latest technology, Red light laser and a digital camera.
  • Precision: 0.5mm

Edser Plate

  • New pressure plate developed by Edser.
  • Makes it possible to obtain static and dynamic pressure maps in high precision.
  • Can be done in house, helping reduce costs.

The use of orthotics helps with stabilizing the foundation of your body, such that the strain on your muscles and tendons is reduced, bringing you relief from discomfort felt throughout the entire body.

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3D Printing

3D Printed Orthotics and Ankle Foot Orthoses (Latest Technology) 3D scanner

Orthotic treatment corrects the alignment of your feet and consequently that of your entire body requiring your skeletal structures to adjust. It’s normal to feel an uncomfortable feeling at the beginning. Adjustment to your new alignment can take anywhere from one week to two months.

By using the latest 3D printing technology, we offer you a high quality and durable product, which allows you to provide special and sophisticated treatments for our patients.

Ankle Foot Orthotics - AFO

Our highly customizable 3D Printed Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs) help to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct alignment problems.

Once you have been assessed and measured for your orthotics, there are a number of possibilities for your treatment.

Custom Made Footbeds

For your favorite shoes

Biomechanix prescribes orthotics foodbeds so that they adapt to sandals made with removable insoles.

Our custom Footbeds can be exchanged. Use your orthotics with your favorite clogs and sandals and change them between models of different brands.

Custom Made Flopthotics

Our custom made FlopThotics are recommended in combination with use of our Custom Made Orthotics in your everyday shoes.

Patients can customize their Flopthotics, choosing from an arrray of colors and textures for the sole, base, top cover and straps.


Premium flip-flops

Biomechanix prescribes orthotics foodbeds so that they adapt to sandals made with removable insoles.

Combining a custom made orthotic with flip flop styling.

The perfect blend of fashion and health.

  • Using the latest technology, Red light laser and a digital camera.
  • Precision: 0.5mm
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