Introducing the DynaFlangeTM, the world’s first ‘neurologically tuned’ foot orthotic.

Traditional foot orthotics have been provided better balance and foot posture for decades. DynaFlangeTM raises the bar to an entirely new level.

The revolutionary design of the DynaFlangeTM has an impressive effect on spinal posture and the entire gait cycle. Studied at Noraxon USA, a worldwide leader in human biomechanics research and bioinformatics, the DynaFlangeTM was found to improved center of pressure and stability throughout the gait cycle.

In other words, better posture. Less pain.

How does it work?

The patented flange, exclusive to The Orthotic Group*, introduces a new method of proprioceptive stimulation to awaken the nervous system, moving it out of a stuck posture with every step.

The DynaFlangeTM is also proven to improve shock absorption, making it ideal for patients with heel, knee and low back pain. Since each DynaFlangeTM device is custom-molded to match the specific need of an individual patient, be assured that the DynaFlangeTM orthotics you prescribe will be precisely managing your patients’ needs from the soles of the feet all the way up the kinetic chain.

It's being called 'The Game Changer in Prescription Orthotics'

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