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At the Biomechanix Foot & Knee Clinic we work closely with The Orthotic Group and are ideally placed to advise and supply from their extensive range of Footwear & Hosiery


The TOG Signature Footwear Collection showcases the complete range of footwear available right now for men, women and children from this leading company. All of the newest and latest styles are complemented by the ever green classics



Specially formulated medical gradient compression hosiery has been proven to promote better venous flow. Improved venous or blood flow can help and improve a number of problematic leg conditions. Improved venous flow can help to control swelling and varicosities, furthermore it it can help to reduce leg fatigue as well as other problematic leg conditions.

Compression Hosiery

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If your condition has not improved with our our products please get in touch with us directly and we will arrange a 15% discount on a personal consultation to help diagnose your individual problem.

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