Diabetic Foot Scan

Diabetic Foot screening is a tool that identifies high risk for potential ulceration.

At the Biomechanix Foot and Knee Clinic we can scan your foot using a GaitScan, to assess your foot and how it may have become affected by Diabetes.

During this process your podiatrist wll:

  • Examine the foot using a GaitScan. The GaitScan is a very powerful tool that allows your podiatrist to analyse your foot Biomechanics and investigate any problem areas that would not be possible to see with the naked eye inspection alone.

  • Identify problem areas, even minor ones that may become problematic later on if left undetected.

  • Following a scan, your podiatrist will:
    • Discuss current foot care, socks, shoes and orthotics.

    • Make recommendations about foot care, socks, shoes and orthotics.

      Following a scan we can send a full report to your clinician or GP.

    All our Diabetic Foot care is handled personally by our specialist in this field, Mr Somuz Miah Consultant Podiatrist Prescriber. Please feel free to call him directly on 01926 679155 for all enquiries or to book an appointment.

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