Clinics & Fees

Schedule of Fees 2018

Acupuncture £60.00

Consultation £99.00

Consultation FU - Follow up £70.00

Cupping - Medical Cupping £50.00

Gait+ £250.00

Gwalk £60.00

Injection Ostenil (Hyaluronic Acid) £170.00

Injection Ostenil Tendon (HA) £210.00

Injection Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) £450.00

Injection Depremedrome (Steroid) £130.00

Injection Diagnostic £30.00

Injection Durolane 1ml (Hyaluronic Acid) £260.00

Injection Durolane 3ml (HA) £425.00

Injection Guna/Zeel/Traumeel (Mesotherapy) £120.00

Joint Aspiration £70.00

Orthotics Bio-Advanced £70.00

Orthotics D30 Perform £30.00

Orthotics D30 Support £30.00

Orthotics Deposit £100.00

Orthotics Express Delivery £20.00

Orthotics Prescription - Minus Deposit £250.00

Orthotics Refurbishment £70.00

Orthotics 2017 Price £299.00

Orthotics Check-up Only £70.00

Orthotics Childrens Minus Deposit £199.00

Orthotics Childrens Full Price £299.00

Orthotics Comfort Heel Raise £15.00

Orthotics Bespoke £15.00

Ultrasound Scan Diagnostic Scanning Only £150.00

Ultrasound Scan With Consultation £70.00

Ultrasound Scan With Follow up Consultation £50.00



Our Clinic

Located in the heart of the Midlands, south of Birmingham, the Biomechanics Foot & Knee clinic is located on the outskirts of Warwick and Leamington Spa in Warwickshire just minutes from junction 15 of the M40, the M42 and M6.

It is a short bus or taxi ride from Warwick Parkway British Rail train station.

Contact us to make an appointment.

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